Pulled Calf Muscle and Tendon:

The calf muscle comprises of two muscles; the larger gastrocnemius and the smaller soleus which is connected to the Achilles tendon.  A pulled calf muscle and tendon occur when the calf muscle pulls away from the Achilles tendon, causing immense pain in area, calf muscle spasms and the toes pointing downwards.  Pulled calf muscles commonly happen when there are quick changes in direction, acceleration in movements and overuse of the muscle.

Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome is a serious condition where blood vessels and nerves are compressed in an enclosed area which will lead to damage in the muscles, nerves and blood flow.  This syndrome is most commonly seen in the forearm and lower leg region.

Heel Spurs

Also referred to as a calcaneal spur, heel spurs are bony growths which push out through either the underside or the backside of the heel.  Heel spurs create immense pain and tenderness in the foot while walking and placing pressure on the area.

Heel Tendonitis

Heel tendonitis is also commonly known as Achilles tendinitis which is the inflammation and irritation of the Achilles tendon.

Metatarsal Stress Fractures

Of the 5 metatarsal bones, the second, third and fourth metatarsal bones are normally afflicted by metatarsal stress fractures which are when constant stress in the area causes the bone to fracture or break.  Metatarsal stress fractures are caused by over use, oversupination and overpronation.

Nerve Entrapments

Nerve entrapments are also known as pinched nerves which are when nerves are damaged from starching, compression or restriction.  Common symptoms of nerve entrapments are the pins and needle feeling, the area falling asleep, numbness in the area, pain and a burning sensation.


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