Tennis Elbow

When the elbow is overused, it creates a painful condition known as tennis elbow or as lateral epicondylitis.  The tendons that connect to the forearm muscles become inflamed due to repetitive motions without proper rest.

Golfers Elbow

Golfer’s elbow is also known as medial epicondylitis where the tendons become irritated, inflamed and painful due to overuse.

Entrapment of the radial nerve

The radial nerve is located on the outside of the elbow.  If the forearm muscles and or tendons become inflamed, they can create pressure on the radial nerve, causing its entrapment.

Entrapment of the ulnar nerve

The ulnar nerve passes through from the collarbone down to the little finger.  The most common place for the entrapment of the ulnar nerve is in the elbow, where the nerve becomes compressed and is unable to work properly.

Bursitis of the Elbow

Bursitis of the elbow is when the bursa (a smooth, flat sac that resides between the elbow and the skin) becomes inflamed, swollen or irritated.  This can occur due to a trauma, medical conditions, infections or prolonged pressure in the area.  

Golfers / Throwers elbow

Golfer’s or thrower’s elbow is also known as flexor or pronator tendinopathy which creates a pain in the inside of the elbow.  There may be weakness in the wrist, pain in the elbow while gripping onto something, and pain while twisting or flexing the wrist in the elbow.

Inflammation of the biceps tendon

The biceps tendon connects the superior part of the biceps to the shoulder bones.  Inflammation of the biceps tendon is a case of tendonitis which is felt in the front part of the shoulder and weakness in the biceps and shoulders. At first the tendon will be swollen and turn red.  As the condition progresses without treatment, the outer part of the tendon will thicken and become more red from the inflammation.  It is possible for the tendon to tear in this case which means you should have it treated before it reaches this stage.

Inflammation and rupture of the triceps tendon

The triceps tendon is located in the back of the upper arm and is connected to the backside of the elbow.  Through overuse and high impact injuries, it is possible for the triceps tendon to rupture.  Your elbow will be in pain, have limited motion and painful swelling if you have inflammation and rupture of the triceps tendon. 

Elbow Hyperextension Injury

The elbow has a certain limit of motion.  If the elbow is pressed beyond its limits, such as bending back, then it is likely for the elbow to hyperextend.  This hyperextension of the elbow also damages the ligaments and other parts that make up the elbow.

Medial Elbow Ligament Sprain

The elbow is made up of medial elbow ligaments that are located on the side of the elbow.  Medial elbow ligament sprains normally occur due to a high impact injury, repetitive activities and overuse of the elbow.  There is tenderness and pain when the ligament has slight pressure on it and flexing the arm.

Elbow Dislocation

An elbow dislocation is when the elbow joint surfaces (the humerus, the ulna and the radius) are disconnected.  Elbow dislocations are either partial or total, where either the radius or the ulna pops out of the humerus socket partially or completely.


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